Project database

1.Experiential Learning tools to obtain SMART supply chain competences - SMARTER
2.Examples of good agricultural and industrial practice - INCHEER
3.AgriNext - Agricultural and rural excellence Incubator and Platform for the Exchange of competencies
4.Development and application of surface treatments of the multilayer floor of the Divine Parquet line
5.POWER OF SKILLS - Improving work placement opportunities for students of professional study programmes at the Karlovac University of Applied Sciences
6.Research and development of specialised multirotor unmanned aerial vehicles
7.MILK-ed: Modern and Innovative onLine-based Know-how on European Dairy processing
8.Modification of cheese ripening process and whey product development – SIRENA
9.LIFE Lynx - "Preventing the extinction of the Dinaric-SE Alpine lynx population through reinforcement and long-term conservation" within LIFE programme
10.Cheese senses - Support to the cheese producers
11.New Skills to Employment
12.Green Curd - a high-value food product
13.The Atrium of Knowledge
14.MEASURES - Managing and restoring aquatic EcologicAl corridors for migratory fiSh species in the danUbe RivEr baSin

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